UX Strategy

The user experience strategy that is at the heart of the success of a product is called UX. However, this design is not typically at the core of a company’s business strategy. In this book, Jaime Levy weaves together a strategy and UX design to create a complete product strategy. If you’re in the business of building digital products, this is a must-have.

It’s easy to see how this book could be the first of its kind. The subtitle “UX strategy: the art of making your customers happy” is a great example. The author uses the lean UX approach to explain how to create products and services that customers will love. This approach is often used in product design. In this book, Levy describes the importance of a well-designed product.

UX strategy is not just an aesthetic, but also a process. It is a way to integrate User Experience into processes and maximize their value for the business. It acknowledges that UX professionals operate within an ecosystem. The concepts in this book encourage more collaboration and better outcomes. This is a must-have for anyone involved in product design. But, beware: The book isn’t without its faults!

The authors focus on competitive analysis and the role of a user-centered design. While this is an important activity, it can also be detrimental. While a competitive analysis can be beneficial, it can be overused. A good UX strategy should always start with the big picture. The first chapter outlines the business strategy and a primer on customer discovery. The second chapter discusses value innovation and why frictionless user experience is so important for a business.