Don’t Make Me Think: Revisited

Don’t Make Me Think Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability was first published in 2000 and has become the go-to guide for hundreds of thousands of Web designers. This book teaches the principles of information design and intuitive navigation. The book is instrumental if you’re a designer working on a project with a tight deadline.

The principles of Don’t Make Me Think are still very relevant. Steve Krug wrote the book around the dot-com crash, but his principles have not changed. Human psychology changes slowly, so we can’t expect it to change overnight. This book is a great way to learn more about web usability and improve user experience. This book is recommended for all Web designers, regardless of industry experience.

Steve Krug’s book is a must-read for Web designers and developers. This simple yet profound book will help you understand the fundamental principles of usability. It was first published in 2000 and revised three times, resulting in more than three million sales. It’s highly recommended. There’s a reason it’s a bestseller: Steve Krug has made usability easy for everyone.