Highly passionate Product Designer & Developer with expertise in User Experience, User Interaction, User Interface Design, Usability, Problem Solving, Information Architecture, Research, Presenting, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, React Native, WordPress, REST API, Strategy & Planning. I love designs that are simple yet elegant and work in the user’s favor. In addition, I believe in testing, collecting data, and making data-backed decisions.

My Philosophy

Whenever I design a new interface or an experience, the first thing I consider is the user. After all, we build user interfaces and experiences to solve users’ problems and help them achieve a goal(s). It is never a good idea to do guesswork or make decisions based on feelings for the user. Testing the UI on users as early as possible to prove a concept, flow, or logic before starting the building process helps the team make intelligent and better decisions.

Principles I like to use:

I love the systematic/dynamic approach to generating visuals (mock-ups, wireframes, flows, etc.) and front-end assets. It is straightforward to turn an idea into reality and see if it is worth spending all that time and money on an idea or a project when the technology you are using helps you be more efficient.

My Interests

I love to learn! I am a lifelong student. I do not believe education ever ends.

I obviously love designing and developing web/mobile applications, however, I have a great personal interest in machine learning and big data. I think ML and big data are the future. Music, I mean, who doesn’t love music? I have played the guitar since I am 6 years old. I find it calming to finish the day with some tunes.

Other Interests:

  • 3D Animation
  • Traveling
  • Ice Hockey
  • Reading
  • Video Games