Bistro Turkuaz

Web Designer @ Bistro Turkuaz


Bistro Turkuaz’s website had more than a few problems. It was not visually appealing and the site’s structure was not appealing to the users. Most of the customers who eat there cannot find good information about the food on the website, not enough pictures on the social network nor on the website, and contact form was not implemented. Most of the new customers, check the online reviews, ratings and the restaurant’s website before they decide if they really want to spend their time and money there. %60 of them usually use their phones to check the website, and Bistro Turkuaz’s website wasn’t responsive.


I have created user profiles, and scenarios for each user profile. Listed possible category and page names (Catering, Contact, Menu, etc.), and used the card sorting technique to categorize the navigational system, then created the information architecture. Creating the information architecture with user profiles and scenarios helped me understand what would a customer want from a restaurant.

Since most of the customers want to see lots of pictures, I created a jQuery gallery page for the site. Now, customers can see the pictures and share them online if they decide to.

Created new social profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter page. I cleared out and updated the Yelp page of the site.

Since Bistro Turkuaz doesn’t have a mobile website, I have come up with the design for it.




Visually appealing, and user-centered web design along with a content management system (WordPress).

Improved social networks.

Responsive web design.

+120% Alexa rate, +1 Google Page Rank.