I have always wanted to start a blog section on my site, and talk about my discoveries, understandings, decisions and connect with like minded people. One thing was always on my way, and that was me. I have always shied away a bit from writing, because English is being my second language. However, I have decided that should not stand on my way. So I hope you enjoy my discoveries, discussions and tutorials.

I love learning and teaching in general. I think learning/teaching helps people to think outside of the box.

/*I really do like conversational blog posts and that will be the way I will write my posts.*/

What will I be talking about?

I will mostly be talking about user interface/user experience design, front-end web development, marketing, program management and strategies to go along with these practices. I might touch some political, philosophical, and physical education subjects as well. Since they are also in the area of my interests.

What does interest me?

I am really into technology in general, not just web/mobile applications. As my knowledge expanded over the years, I started to recognize certain patterns between technologies, logic, businesses, design, development, etc.

Traffic lights! and No, they do not look good to me visually, but their functionality, how they work and how useful they are to humanity are the questions I ask to myself while I am walking down the street. You might be saying, “It’s just a traffic light, do not burn too many neurons for that.” That is not what I am trying to explain here. I am all about finding the answers that what sparks my curiosity, and traffic lights are just an example to how I would approach to find my answers. Trust me as you start asking questions, and getting answers. That will generate more questions and you will have more answers until you reach your final goal. However it all begins with a problem and ends with a final answer, but what happens in between is the journey, and that makes me excited.

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If you look at the binary, which is only ones and zeros, when they get together in groups happen to be numbers, alphabet, functionalities, methods. We could call it digital life organism 🙂

For Example:

a 01100001
b 01100010
c 01100011
d 01100100
e 01100101
f 01100110
g 01100111


If you look at the binary patterns you will realize that different usage of ones and zeros have different outputs.

This is a “Hello World” post version of mine, and I want to keep it less than 400 words. Looking forward to connect with people and expand my knowledge and network.I could talk about strategy, planning, researching and applying logic to design and development all day. 🙂 If I would have to sum up what does interest me is, I love building.

Feel free to contact me. All is welcome.

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