You probably do not want your employees’ and your visit to the site to mess up Google Analytics data. It can throw off the goals, conversions, events data. The wrong information/reports can and will have an effect on the decisions you make. I will show you how to exclude your IP address from Google Analytics so you do not get incorrect analytics data 😬

When you set up your google analytics you should exclude yours and all the other IP addresses that you do not want to get analytics of. Contractors, different departments at your company, etc. However, I personally find it helpful to turn some of the events and goals during the demos when stakeholders go on the development URL and start messing around with the product itself.

IP Address

The first thing you need to do is to get your own IP address. Go to

Copy your IP address.

1.Login to your Google Analytics profile

2. Select the Admin menu

Google Analytics - Admin

3. Select All Filters

Google Analytics - All Filters

4. Click Add Filter

Google Analytics - Add Filters

5. Give the filter a name

Google Analytics - Add a filter name

6. Update predefined: Exclude + traffic from the IP addresses + that are equal to

Google Analytics - Filter Type

7. Enter your IP address and Save

IP Address - Google Analytics

Now, all that traffic from that IP address won’t be included in your Google Analytics reports! Cheers! 🍻

If you are a UX UI person who is reading this article and thinking, why a UX person would anything to do with Google Analytics because it is a great tool for User Experience Research and analysis. Setting up goals, tracking user behavior will give you a better understanding of how your product being used, you will make better decisions! Meaning you will focus on what really matters, the people, the customer.

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